The Best Places to Ski Around the World

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Some people prefer holidaying in the sun on a sandy beach. However, others much prefer the sound of skiing on powdery white snow. If this is your own idea of paradise, then there are plenty of places you can go. Read on for the best places to ski around the world:

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

This French Canadian location has been popular with skiers since the year 1939. It’s one of the world’s most best known ski resorts and is very close to Montreal if you’d like to visit.

St Anton, Austria

The perfect place for skiing, but even more so if you love to go out each night and soak up the party atmosphere. Here you’ll have so much fun, but beware that you’ll probably come home aching in all kinds of places. Try to take it easy when it comes to having a lot to drink if you plan on taking your skiing seriously!

Meribel, France

This place has everything, not just great opportunities for skiing. There’s skiing for all kinds of ability levels, so you don’t need to worry if you’re travelling with a mixed group. There’s also plenty of nightlife and even areas that are family friendly. The views of the French mountains are out of this world, so make sure you take a camera.

Cortina, Italy

This place was host to the Olympics in 1956, and is just as good as anywhere you’d visit in the Alps. The city is without traffic, so you can make your way around hassle free. It’s one of the world’s first cities to be a sole ski resort, and is oh so stylish.


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Aspen, Colorado

If you want to ski while rubbing shoulders with famous people, then head on over to Aspen. It has steeps and mountains that are perfect for testing out your equipment, and there’s something there no matter how well you can ski. Beginners, intermediates, and experts should all feel at home here. It can be a little expensive at this place, but if you can budget for it then it’s definitely worth it. Need advice on budgeting for your trip? You can find plenty online.

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Canada is one of the world’s most popular skiing countries, but Whistler Blackcomb is by far one of the best. Take a look at this site to see why This place is a truly epic place to ski, and should be on everybody’s wish list. It was voted ‘Best North American Ski Resort’ and is definitely a contender to be the greatest in the world.

Murren, Switzerland

Switzerland is full of amazing places to ski, so it can be very hard to choose where to go. Murren is tranquil and has the longest downhill run in the world – a very exciting feature for confident skiers.

Revelstoke, Canada

Anyone who has been here will tell you just how much they enjoyed it. There’s everything you could possibly wish for here when it comes to diverse terrain for all kinds of skiers. You don’t have to believe us, but there’s half a million acres of heli-skiing terrain too. If you’re somebody who enjoys skiing alone, this could be the perfect place for you. Not forgetting all of the fabulous restaurants and bars too.

Stowe, Vermont

This is one of the most beautiful places to ski that you could ever imagine. Want some New England charm thrown into your ski trip? You can have it here! There are 90 shops and 60 restaurants, so you don’t even need to go too far from the resort during your stay.


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Girdwood, Alaska

If you want to head over to the greatest ski town in all of Alaska, you can’t go wrong with Girdwood. This place has been fashionable with all kinds of people since the 1970s. You can even take part in a bit of hiking here. You could even stay in a hostel here and have a great time; the Alyeska hostel might not be luxurious, but it’s steeped in history and will be a great place to base your trip. Think you’re going to want to party after a long day of skiing? There are lots of bars for you to enjoy.

Riksgransen, Sweden

If you’re a late skier, this place keeps the party going into June. Because this place is well into the North, it gets a whole lot of snow. This means that you’ll be waiting until late February for it to open, as it’s way too cold and dark before then. Going in April/May is your best bet.

Zermatt, Switzerland

You know all of those times you’ve enjoyed a Toblerone, and glanced at the strange, triangular box? You’ve looked at Zermatt in Switzerland! Home to the mountain, The Matterhorn, you can ski right by it here. The skiing here is world class and has everything you could possibly need. It is expensive, so you’ll need to do some saving before you arrive. However, it’s totally worth it!

Kitzbuhel, Austria

This place is ‘the Pearl of the Alps’ according to many people, and is extremely famous for skiing over in Austria. The village is 700 years old so you know you’re going to be enjoying a few history lessons too. Skiing first started here in the year 1892.

Vail, Colorado

Have you ever wondered what America’s favourite resort is? It’s right here, apparently. It’s the biggest ski area in the US, with 5,300 acres of land to ski. It’s great if you want a trip that has it all too, as it also has museums, galleries, skating, hockey, and even more fun and frolics to sink your teeth into.

These ski resorts from around the world really do have it all. It’s impossible to pick the best one! I suggest you create a bucket list with the order that you’d most like to visit these places and then work your way through it. You’ll only become a more talented skier as you progress through your list! Have fun!

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