The Six Best Cruise Destinations In The World

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A cruise is a wonderful way to experience many destinations over a short period. Taking a cruise and visiting new lands is a great way to spend a vacation. There is nothing like hopping aboard a ship and sailing away into the distance. Each day you will arrive at a new destination. You will see new things that you never dreamed of seeing until now. Many people favor static vacations in just one place. Why see one region of the world, when you can travel the globe? Choosing the right destination for your next cruise is a hard task. Before you decide to book your next trip, you should know all there is to know about the various destinations. Each destination has something a little different to offer, and so it is worth doing your research before you book a cruise. Here, to help you decide, are the six best cruise destinations in the world.

1. Australia and New Zealand

When you think of Australia and New Zealand, you likely think of a backpacking style adventure. You might not realize it, but cruising around the region is the best way to see all the sights. Australia is a vast country. That means that it is difficult to reach all the major cities by land. You would need to travel for a matter of months to see the depths of Australia. That is why a trip around Australia and New Zealand on a ship is the best way to see the countries. There are many cruise-liners that travel a route around the two countries. In two weeks, you can see more of the region than most people will in their entire life. If you choose a trip that starts at Sydney, the ship will work its way around the country, visiting various cities. One of the best things about Australia is that most of the cities are coastal. The land in the center of the country is too dry and so nobody lives there. That means that you can see all the main attractions by boat.

2. Hawaii

Volcanic land and stunning greenery make up the views of the Hawaiian islands. This cruise is a popular one as many people adore the haven that is Hawaii. Whilst on your trip, you can see a range of dramatic and beautiful landscape. Cruising is the best way to see the state in its full glory, and you should take the time to take loads of photos of this glorious land. The great thing about cruising in this area is that you can take part in many activities when the boat docks. From surfing to golf, there is always something exciting and new to try in Hawaii. Newlyweds and young couples will adore the cruise as the scenery and backdrop make for a romantic vacation. Each journey is short when you travel in Hawaii as the islands are close together. That means that you spend less time sailing and more time seeing.

3. Alaska

Alaska is also a scenic place to visit. Here you will find massive mountains and untamed land. The state is famous for its beautiful landscapes, and it delivers every time. When you take a trip to Alaska, be sure to take your camera. You will want to remember these stunning sights forever, and so you need to take plenty of pictures. If you’re hoping for a sunshine vacation, this is not the place for you. Alaska is cold, and there is often snow in the region. Go during the summer months (June -August) or you might find the experience a little too cold for your liking. There are many wild animals in the area. Research Alaskan wildlife before you book your trip. You can read about the various animals at When the boat docks, you will have a chance to see some of the wildlife for yourself.

4. The Baltic Sea

If you’re interested in exploring Europe, you might want to take a cruise on the Baltic Sea. This style of cruise allows you to visit many different countries during your trip. From Scandinavia to Russia, there are many fantastic places to see in the region. When you book your trip, you should make a point of finding out the route of your cruise. You want to have as much time in each destination as you can. That means that you need to talk to a travel agent about the itinerary of your trip. When you take a trip on the Baltic Sea, you will spend a little more time sailing than on most cruises, and so you should keep that in mind.

5. Mexico and South America

Everybody wants to travel in South America. The region is popular for people on gap years and backpackers. Rather than slumming it in hostels and walking for miles each day, you can have a luxury tour of the region by ship. There are many cruise routes that will take you to see countries such as Belize and Mexico. Each day, you can leave the ship and explore a new place in South America. Many of the cruise routes for South America leave from Florida and travel down through a variety of countries. Why not enjoy a quick stay in Florida for a couple of days before embarking on your journey?

6. The Caribbean

Caribbean cruises are likely the most-popular cruises in the world, and so it might surprise you that the cruise is at number six. The thing is whilst Caribbean cruises are fantastic; they are not the only type of cruise. They have to be on the list because there is no denying that sailing around the Caribbean is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. The problem is that many people overrate the Caribbean. The five other cruise destinations are just as good, if not better than the Caribbean. When you travel the Caribbean islands, you will experience a wealth of culture and see many unique things. It is worth doing at least once, but after you have seen the region, go somewhere else.

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