What to Expect on Your First Cruise

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If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Regardless of whether you’re waiting to go on your first cruise, or you haven’t booked one yet, you may have a lot of questions that you’d like answered before you do. You shouldn’t feel nervous or apprehensive about your cruise – you’ll have a great time! However, to give you peace of mind, read on to find out what to expect:

The Cost on the Cruise

Some people think that going on a cruise will be bad for their wallets. However, if you compare a week cruising to a week on a resort you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Usually, your meals, accommodation, entertainment, and activities are included in the price you paid for the cruise. This makes it very good value for money, and will help you to stick to your holiday budget. Anything else you want to spend is your decision.

Worried about Seasickness?

I get seasick, but I was surprised to learn that cruise ships have amazing stabilisers that reduce the ship’s rocking motion. You should be fine! However, if you’re still worried, you can stay towards the middle of the ship where movement is less noticeable. You could also take medication, but make sure you ask your doctor what would be suitable for you first.

Worried about Boredom?

I don’t think there’s any way at all you can get bored on a cruise ship. Many cruise ships have the opportunity for you to go ice skating, rock climbing, golfing, and even gambling! You can do all this without going anywhere. This is why many people spend as long as possible on their cruising holiday.

Space on the Ship

You might not feel very good about being on a ship with hundreds of other people. Sure, there are times when the ship might feel a little crowded, but there will be places for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all if you wish. Your room will probably be quite small, but you should be out exploring anyway!

Activities in Port

You won’t believe the sheer amount of activities for you to enjoy whilst in port. However, remember that you aren’t required to do these – you can simply stay and enjoy what the ship has to offer if you like. You could go off on your own, take a guided your, go shopping, or anything else that takes your fancy. For example, cruises from Melbourne might include visiting big attractions like the National Gallery of Victoria.


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Kids on Cruises

This will depend on the kind of cruise you’ve booked. Some cruises specialise in catering to families, while others are more adult friendly. If you’d rather stay kid free for the week, then make sure you research their policy first.


The nightlife on the ship is something else! There’s a lot of dancing, discos, and chill out lounges for you to enjoy. If you’d rather watch some entertainment, there are even magicians and comedians.


The things you pack will depend on the dress code of the ship, so make sure you research this too.

You’ll have a great time on your first cruise, I guarantee it!


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